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Taking your own Fresh 48 pictures

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I have a few friends due in the next month or so, during the Covid19 pandemic, and their only option to capture their babies hospital pictures for a fresh 48 session, are to do them on their own. With no visitors allowed, it means that you have the task of preserving your memories. After giving them some tips and pointers, I decided to write a blog on Fresh 48 DIY too. I want to help you ease the worry

Whether you only have a phone to take pictures, or you have a camera, lets make it happen.

The Woodlands newborn baby photography

If you have a nice window in your room, when the sun is out, you want to turn off the room lights, and get all the way to the window. This is just one way you can do the pictures (image above). If you have some balloons, maybe tie those to the end of the bassinet by the window, for a little cute memory of the balloons you both received.

Keeping your baby next to the window, or at least head closest to the window, if you can't move the furniture yourself (don't exert yourself and cause hemorrhage). In this image, His head is closest to the window, and letting the light fall over him, creating soft shadows on his face (see image above).

Use as many white or light blankets and outfits as possible. Pull the bassinet next to the window and let it light baby's face, for the best image, with less grain.

If you have a DSLR camera, you can utilize manual mode for the best pictures. If you don't know manual, and no time to learn, you can use aperture priority mode, if necessary.

If using manual, get your f-stop/aperture at about 2.8, or the lowest number your lens allows. Set your shutter to about 1/125 or close. This helps you keep your ISO as low as possible, for better quality. Put your ISO about 400, and only go up as needed.

Get a few pictures of baby in a clean bassinet with no tape, suctions, and other things distracting.....but to remember the moment, capture some with everything still on it, get in for a close up of the card with baby's birth stats. You will treasure both images one day. As a mom of 6, and my oldest 22, I don't have the most amazing ones of my oldest ones, but I treasure them all even more because it's all I have of that time. Make sure you get a picture of them with their hat off, to see their birth hair, any birthmarks, and head shape. One day, they might have a baby of their own, with a head shape the same, and you want to show them that they were the same, and that it is only temporary.

I hope this helps you a little, to capture some sweet memories.

Your Photographers are here for you, we want to capture memories again, and some of us would love to help you fill the gap for now.

Newborn baby photography in The Woodlands TX

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