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Newborn Photography Mentor



Interested in an in-person workshop?


2023 Private Newborn Mentoring

Intensive and individualized mentorship, customized to YOU. I will go over your recent newborn sessions and work with you on where you can improve to achieve a better product, and be more successful. 

Have you struggled to get the images you want? There are so many posing devices, tools, props, so much to choose from. Are you wondering what is missing in your posing? Do you feel like your images just lack something? I know how frustrating it can be to spend so much money, invest so much time, and still not be happy with your artwork.


I want to help you achieve what I have achieved. I want to advise you and guide you to the best items for your money, to help you get there faster, with what you really need to succeed.  Helping you avoid the wasted money on things you don't need, or things you can work towards later.

Your mentorship will be based off of what YOU need. It is tailored to you and your portfolio. I will be going over all the areas that I can foresee as an issue, and helping you be more than just another basic Newborn Photographer

Are you new and want to specialize in Newborns and have no idea where to begin? I will guide you to start out with the safest poses, safest wrapping, and all the knowledge I have gained so far.

I will be offering the following in mentorship:

Safety practices

Calming/ Soothing tricks

Posing in props


Naked posing

Studio Lighting


Editing in PS



The tools to refine your work

Vendor information

1:1 mentorship $2500

*Afterpay and payment plans available*



Must understand the basics of posing

DSLR or Mirrorless camera

35mm, 50mm, or 24-70mm lens

Know how to work your camera in full manual mode















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