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What to expect from a Cake Smash Sessions

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Have you wondered what to expect from your baby's first cake smash session? The first Birthday is sometimes planned from birth! Some Mom's have a vision from day 1. But what should I expect? As a Mom of 6, a Newborn and Baby Photographer, here is what to expect.

No need to go to the gym on the day of your baby's cake smash session, because you will get your workout in! If your baby can crawl or walk, and most are already crawling, they will constantly try to crawl or run. Every 3 seconds you will be picking baby up and placing them back in front of the light. I always recommend booking when my assistant is available, or having an extra person to help, so that you can still make baby smile and laugh.

It is best to have some pictures of just your baby in the set, before they go after the cake. You will want those images!

How do I get my baby to smile for the camera? The goofier you act, the more likely you will get them. Acting like a dinosaur and stomping works wonders. Last resort is bubbles, since it leaves wet marks all over the set, but it works.

Baby's will get messy!! So have a cake smash outfit that you are ok with getting food dye on.

What about the cake? I never provide the cake, since that would put me in a bad position if baby has any reaction to any ingredients. If your baby has never had dairy, wheat, soy, peanut, or is best that you plan ahead of time, for a cake that is safe for them. I do not recommend icings that are red or brown, unless you want it to look like baby is a zombie or worse! Black icing is also a really bad color once it gets on baby's face. Stick with basic. No need for the best cake in town, just cute. Save the really nice cake for the party! More than half of the babies that come to cake smash sessions, do not want to touch the cake, if they have never had one before. I recommend that you buy a cupcake or small cake a few days before the session, and let baby experience the texture, taste, and independence of grabbing it. Some babies want nothing to do with the cake, and just cry, and that is ok. Have the expectation that they may not want to do it, and be ok with pictures of just baby.

Sweet little Wyatt had no problem with his cake. He loved it!

Book your cake smash session today!

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