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Preparing for your newborn Photography session

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

If you have wondered how to get these sweet, sleepy newborn poses, it takes time and experience. As a mom of 6, I know how important these memories are. It's important to have something to remind us that all the sleepless nights, and crying, is worth it. When you look at how innocent and sweet they are, in the moments I capture, it brings a smile to your heart.

The best way to prepare, is to follow these steps:

On the days leading up to your session, get them undressed and move them around a lot, moving arms and legs, just getting them used to being handled helps.

Keeping baby awake for as long as possible on the morning of your newborn session. Wash their hair, give them a bath, wash their feet, and just getting them naked at home, will cause them to stir more.

Dressing your baby in loose fitting clothing for the session, to easily remove them without waking, and to reduce lines and creases on the skin.

Feeding your baby a full meal right before the session, and bringing a bottle to get a quick snack in for when they get unsettled during the session

Bringing a pacifier. Even if you do not plan to use one at home, it can be crucial for getting them to settle for newborn poses. You can always throw it out when you get home, but it really helps settle baby at times, to not waste too much time during the newborn session

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